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Hey Sweety!!!!!!!


What happened - hope you're alright!!


It's so great to hear from you!!!

Now I really wanna come to Taiwan and visit you - but I think that's gonna happen 2010...need lots of money...


I'm sorry, have no time at the moment..


Miss you - hope you still have your piercing


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Heeeey, what's goin' on?!?!?!


Jenna, I hope you're feeling better..


I've a job now: I'm working in a supermarket - and everybody is really nice.


Still don't have Internet at home...it's pissing me of!!!



Graham: How's your car??


Monk is on TV tonight!!!!


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Hey Graham!!!!


I was so happy to hear (read) from you!!


I would love to go for a walk in the gorge with you, can`t really imagine that you can go for a swim now....I`m a bit jeallous!


Why don`t ya write in my guestbook???        

I don`t think, that you can send pics here, but you can do it via email or you upload them on my page. Therefor I would give you my login details - what sounds better to you?


I`m just doing my tax stuff....aaargh! (this was a grunt)

The next time I have the possibility to use the Internet, I send you the employer details for Myall.


...It`s getting cold over here...today I´ve been riding my bike a bit - and I had to wear 2 (!) jumpers.


I have to go now - tonight`s party!    WHOOOHOOO!!!

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Hey sweethearts!!


How's it goin in the land down under??


I still don't have Internet access at home...but I'm working on it!


...have to go now...



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...miss U so much...

...bloody hell...

I felt so terrible yesterday - the first hour I was sitting in the bus without any movement; couldn't realize what just happened...was like trance.

After 23 hours in the bus, I'm in Sydney now...in an expensive hostel - but I was to lazy to walk further, so I took the first one at the train station.      Wanted to go to the Opera house...but I ended up sitting in Hungry Jack's...and now I'm in an expensive Internet cafe.

Still totaly confused.         

The night was so weird...maybe the vodka was working...hmmm...would have liked to say goodbye to Nathaniel..

....I'm thinking about him all the time....that was totaly crazy!!

Somehow I'm happy that it was so much stress - I hate long goodbyes.  ..miss Lucy..             


I'm still alive - and see it like this:

nobody there who says annoying things, or laughs because of stupid jokes - or even because of nothing!



 Who put the pizza in my bag??? Was good breakfast.

I'm sorry, that I didn't really talk to Loki - poor guy; waited all day long just for standing in the cold and running behind the bus with my backpack.


Inga not happy.......

Just in the moment when I steped onto the bus my mobile was ringing: Graham. But I didn't answer because I had to find my seat and everybody tried to sleep - and stared angry at me...

Miss you all - even Tia!!                          *smile*

I still can't understand how I could forget my pink jumper - and my red one is in the bedroom...grrr!!!

So, I'm gonna have a look for msn now.

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Just 2 more weeks - and then I have to leave Australia...


At the moment I'm in Aldinga at Jenna's & Gabe's place and planing my trip to Sydney. Although I have to sell my car and reduce my luggage (where does it all cme from?!) to 20 kg...


I was planing to go back to Renmark for a few days - but there isn't enough time for that..it's a pitty  that I'm not able to see these crazy guys again (in this year).

Kate, if you visit this site some time: Now I'm watching 'friends' almost every day on television (Rachel just gave birth to her daughter) - and I'm always thinking about you!!!

Marco, did your skateboard arrive jet?! 


Graham, are you coming down here??? ...because I may leave Aldinga within a week (if I sell my car) and start hitch-hicking to Sydney with Punjehl. I think that's a great Idea!!!                                                                            Ooooh - and Punjehl's beard is gone - he's quite handsome now!

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Yeah, we won - of course.

@ Graham: Sorry that I didn't call you back - Punjehl told me late about your call...   During the day I tried a few times to call you; at Barbaras & at your home - but I guess that was while you were on your way to Telowie..

It's a pitty, that we couldn.t watch the game together...or at least hear it together...I was on the phone for 2 hours - and now my arms are hurting.

I give you a call tomorrow sometime - after I got up...whenever that would be.


Now it's 6:30 and that means: bedtime.    Loki, Myall & Punjehl should get up soon and go to work.    HAHAHA!!!


WE WON!!! 


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Yeees; I'm still alive...more or less.         Today I'm able to smoke again without pain - after this narsty cold I've had.   And why have I been sick?!? Because nobody helped me when I was sitting in my car, shaking because of this cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, COLD night.  


Well, I hope it's all gone at the weekend.


@Graham: When are you coming back down here?! We need to have an other game-night!


@Lewis: I really whish to see you in october - and I'd be very disappointed if you don't give me a call!!


@Masi: It was sooo nice to talk to you!

            ...but I'm seriously worried about this skydiving thing...


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Hey, I haven´t written anything in englisch for quite a long time... So I´m gonna change this! After 8 weeks grape picking in the south Adelaide hills Ii bought a beatiful car, it´s a little bit ...YELLOW!! Ok, with an age of 27 it´s not really young anymore...but it´s running well. Since 4 months I´m living in a great community near McLaren Vale - nice area.....but now in autumn it´s becoming pretty cold here up the hills...especially when you´re sleeping in an old caravan - with mice and rats eating your chocolate... But hey, I feel comfortable here. And now that I have a Nintendo ds, I can use the Internet more often - juhuu! ....these days I realised, that there is not that much time left for me to stay in Australia...in 4 month I have to be back in germany...and in between I´ve a stopover in Bali. And I wanna stay there at laest for two weeks. AAAAAAAAHH!!! Where´s all the time gone?!? I´m planing to stay here for some more time, do some vine pruning and go traveling again for my last days - but to make plans here is stupid; so let´s see, what happens!

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Now we are at the Moora Moora Community near Healesville, that's 1 1/2 hours drive east of Melbourne.

The community is on the top of a hill, 600 meters high - and it's raining!!! Everywhere clouds.

We arrived together with two other WWOOFers, a japanese guy and an american girl. And we met Mile again. He's normally living at the 'Village community' in Hope Forest (near Adelaide), where we've been two weeks ago...and I maybe return for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

It's very nice to see people again you met before...and that has happened relatively often to me since  I'm in Australia - at this big continent!

Now we are going to eat dinner and move into our new home; a room in 'the lodge'. That's the building for visitors, WWOOFers & co.

60 people are living at this community (20 of them are kids - and that's good for Amelie).

See Ya 

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